You need to take responsibility for all results. Highly successful, and high-performance people take complete responsibility for the outcomes in their life. They don’t make excuses. They are self-aware and look to themselves for being the cause of the outcomes, the end results, and they don’t blame other people or other things.

As an example, go to any golf course and watch men swing their driver, they hit the ball, and it slices to the left or the right, and they immediately lift the club up to their face and look at it like there is something wrong with the driver. Make no mistake; you can’t change the club, but you can change your swing.

To change unwanted outcomes in your life, we need to take responsibility for it in the beginning. To have that self-awareness you must acknowledge that you are the captain of your ship. If you play the victim, think it’s someone else’s fault, then you are not in control of the outcome. Some things are timeless, and principles prevail over social memes that arise from mass psychological warfare.

The thoughts we have and the words we choose do make a difference.

As we grow into our childhood, we become victor or victim of our experiences. If our parents have paid a lot of attention to our taking our first steps and encouraged us with applause and
approval, we will be given greater self-esteem than the child who isn’t paid much attention for his or her achievements. The brain, after all, is learning about the outside world and whatever it is taught, it will believe. This is why it is so important not to tell a child he or she is lazy or stupid, clumsy, slow, weak, sickly and so forth. These terms are, in effect, soaked into the brain and the brain will produce whatever it is told.

Everything is beautiful in its own way is an old, familiar lyric that says we can perceive the world differently, more kindly and lovingly, by finding the beauty in it and each other. But without any doubt whatsoever, the feelings in our heart are a result of the messages of our brain. Our brain, like our computers, can do the amazing, but only if it has been endowed with amazing software. Using this metaphor, we would assume the brain has all the potential and capacity to perform the miraculous for us, but only based on the information we give it. This information begins at least when we are infants (some studies say even while we are in the womb), and from the totality of our experiences as we walk the path of our life.

If we can imagine our brain is an open book of blank pages when it comes to the exterior world (with the exception of the innate directive to flee or fight for its own survival), we can understand clearly that who and what we are is a result of our early environment. What others told us and what we have told ourselves along our way.

So it is today, what we tell ourselves and the words we use, determine how we feel and the outcomes that we manifest before our eyes, and in our everyday lives.

Maybe you are the CEO of your company or an executive in a high-level position, and you keep complaining about how your people are not productive. Why not track what is going on and do something to fix it? You are responsible as an owner or manager if your people are not productive. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the outcome of the people that work for you. I’m always thinking to myself, “how can I solve the problem?”

You either have no control, or you are, in control. If you are the problem, you can be the solution! If someone else is to blame then, you are a victim. And you know you are not a victim, you are in control of your life, and you must “own” the manifestations of your thinking and the words you use in your daily lives.

Most salespeople go their whole career blaming customers for not making sales. That’s why here, at the Sophia Polk Team, we teach the whole process from soup to nuts. We teach everyone on our team that they are responsible for their particular success. And the happiness and contentment, and quality of our clients’ experience.

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